Plastic Surgery: A Guide


The origin of the term plastic is Greek which means to shape hence the term plastic surgery is commonly used in the field of instrumental treatment. This form of operation is done with the aim of improving the functionality of body organs or for beauty purposes. In reality, there are two major areas of plastic operations.

The first one is the reconstructive surgery. The major aim of this surgery is to mask or fix the negative impacts of a trauma, disease or surgery. Reconstructive surgery includes masking of blemishes with flaps or with the fixing of body tissues from other body parts at parts of the body where reconstruction deserves to be done. Tissues removed from one body part mostly those of parts that are mostly hidden under clothes are used to repair the parts that are most exposed. Some of the breast reconstruction surgeries are palate, cleft lip, and mastectomy while also reassignment of sexual organs for the bisexual people is also treated as a reconstructive surgery. It can be boldly said that the aim of this form of surgery is to correct the functionality of body systems.

The other form is the aesthetic surgery. This form of operation is also referred to as cosmetic surgery. This type of surgery is done in order to enhance the visual attractiveness or correct the unappealing features. There are some cases whereby doctors and other medical practitioners for medical reason may prescribe cosmetic surgery to be done. For example, a doctor can order a surgery be done to reduce the size of a breast in order to cub orthopedic disorders in women. Some of the best places to carry out this aesthetic surgery are at the mommy makeover in Beverly Hills and mommy makeover Los Angeles.

Plastic surgery is then further split into two; the plastic surgery training and approval and craniofacial surgery. The craniofacial surgery deals with the management of pediatric inherited shortcomings like the palate and cleft lip while the plastic surgery training and approval process aim at equipping trainees in this field with mastery in specific nature of surgeries. Proper hand-surgery training is done on the plastic surgeon to ensure that they can perfectly do their work. Read about best breast augmentation Beverly Hills

Addiction to aesthetic operations may lead to irreversible body disorders which are common among the wealthy living people due to the cost of the surgery. This addiction may come as a result of the people who had undergone the surgery earlier not being comfortable with their current status hence opt for loans to fund the surgery once more which will lead to permanent damage of body structures. Hence if there is need to do surgery, it should then be done only once and be done professionals such the plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills.